Alex Kelleher – Founder & CEO, Cognitive Match, creates software combining math and psychology to match individuals with content.


Benjamin Barber – Cities to Change the World: The Global Parliament of Mayors

Brian Solis  Founder & President, FutureWorks; Author, Digital Analyst, Sociologist and Futurist about what to expect in Social Media in 2011.


Claudia Gonzalez – Head of Marketing at The Global Fund about Born HIV Free campaign and UNHCR establishing Twitter in refugee camps.

Christoph Hagel  Opera Conductor and Producer about opera performances in unusual venues, mixing of genres and his latest project at Bode Museum in Berlin.


Dana Gluckstein – Artist and Photographer of “DIGNITY. Tribes in Transition”

David Weinberger – Internet Philosoher, Co-Author of bestseller “The Cluetrain Manifesto” about “Too Big to Know” and threads to the open internet.

Dennis Crowley – Founder & CEO Foursquare about the world’s leading location-based social networking service with > 4,5 m users by Nov. 2010.


Elisabet de los Pinos  Scientist, Entrepreneur and Technology Pioneer (WEF), Founder & CEO Aura Biosciences, about a most promising approach to cure cancer.

Emily Warren – Managing Director International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences about ‘Internet Week’ and ‘The Webby Awards’ celebrating online excellence.


Itay Talgam  Orchestral Conducter, Maestro, Leadership Coach about inspiring new insights into leadership, management and team work.


Jack D. Hidary – Scientist, Serial Entrepreneur and Non Profit Angel about innovative transport solutions and how to foster innovation through competition.

John Kao – Innovation Activist, dubbed “Mr. Creativity” by The Economist about the connection between improvisation in jazz and the innovation process.

Juliana Rotich – TED Senior Fellow and Director Ushahidi, crowdsourcing realtime crisis-maps e.g. Kenya’s elections fall-out,  Japan’s earthquake or the Lybian war.


Karen I. Tse – Anti-Torture Activist, Founder & CEO International Bridges to Justice about her mission to end torture in 93 countries.


Lakshmi Pratury – Curator & Host INK Conference (formerly TED India).

Lawrence M. Krauss – Theoretical Physicist, Professor at Yale, Harvard, etc.; various bestsellers about the Beginning and End of the Universe.

Liu Olin – Executive Director, Research Department / China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) about Breaking The Wall of Global Dept.

Lucian Tarnowski Europe’s youngest Young Global Leader founded BraveNewtalent, a mainly Facebook based job recruiting platform. He also chairs TakeHeartIndia.


Matthias Lüfkens Social Media Architect about how to open the World Economic Forum to the world.

Mike Butcher  Journalist and Editor of TechCrunch Europe (over 9 mio. readers/ month) about his new offline project ‘TechHub London’.


Nora Abousteit  Co-Founder of BurdaStyle, Inc. about the New York based online sewing community BurdaStyle.com.


Philippe Douste-Blazy – Special Advisor to UN Secretary General on Innovative Financing. Former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Health et al.


Samdhong Rinpoche – First Prime Minister of Tibetan Government in Exile. Eminent Buddhist Philosopher, Scientist, Politician and close confident of HH the Dalai Lama.

Saskia Bruysten – CEO & Founding Member of Grameen Creative Lab about creating a world without poverty and The Grameen Creative Lab.

Shai Reshef – Founder & President University of the People, the world’s first tuition-free university, representing a new wave in global education.

Shekhar Kapur – Film Director & Producer of Oscar-Prize-winning “Elizabeth” with Kate Blanchett, about his recent film projekt PAANI addressing the water wars.

Simone Brummelhuis – Founder & CEO of The NextWomen, an award-winning online Women’s Business Magazine and Networking Forum.


Tariq Krim  Founder & CEO of Jolicloud and Young Global Leader (WEF) about the operating system ‘Jolicloud’ and the so-called ‘Facebook computer’.