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what’s going on so you’re came for the  for the life of iti T cheeks back in the  village so today I have my unboxing  right you see this shoe right but let me  just explain it but before I do like the  video subscribe to the channel so we can  get a thousand subscribers by the end of  February and also follow me on Instagram  and I T kicks under school which is my  sneaker page I put all my steals and  there I got a lot of steals on it so go  look and then um follow the life of IT  under school which is my main page if  you hear that car line I’m sorry I don’t  know it was car it is but yeah but this  shoe the thing is I didn’t order so  hopeful 90 hope it was my shoe.

I wanted  so I had ordered the Air Max 90 and no  royal colorway super duper nice shoe I  want to see it on I gotta live on wind  shear because it’s something to take a  look half size or something to say goes  to size let me just get 11 cuz I started  seeing the size down down lemon hand saw  I saw you know what let me just get a  lemon juice to be good so I open the box  and I say they don’t like the Nike the  Nike like the Air Mags box they like you  wanna take joy I said I think I was in  for some reason CL chin in my head but  that was I hold on I got these Georgia  so I open him up it was the size look  it’s a size 8 so I can’t fit aside they  and when I open up the receipt it wasn’t  even his say from Nike to the person’s  address in his 90 day in my city state  know where it’s just it’s just somebody  else’s so they put they box up the shoe  and I guess put the wrong shipping label  on it ,cheap jordan shoes,so I guess my shoe somewhere else  yeah I call not gigging where we thought  I do is this you out but I said  hold on this is Super Bowl shoes so I  mean I could do you know quit review  they don’t wanna take it back so I’m  gonna ship it off review but I said you  know let me do a review on the shoes  since I got a might as well I wasn’t  gonna pick up the shoe but you know now  I got a review so that’s it so here it  is you see size 8 Air Jordan team retro  SB Super Bowl and it is multi color  multi color yeah 190 and yet another  thing is as bad is because the air max  90 that one is sold out of my size and I  feel bad for this person because their  size 8 it’s gonna be sold out  it’s sold out too so they’re not going  to get their create either so it’s kind  of like we both lost because a nice  mistake .

yeah so you got your black paper  and boom here’s the shoot so let me show  you it real fast yeah she it is a lot  better than when I had in my hand oh  yeah oh no stamps in the inside pops it  might be a thousand look oh yes a small  stamp on the inside of lid right there  yeah but let’s get into this quick  little review take a need chippies back  to their back to seeing my money once i  ship the shoe bag so let me go get this  all the way but yeah you see this right  here it’s better but I don’t I don’t  know I can’t I couldn’t pull this off no  I can pull the shoe off but let me put  one there it’s so so hard reviewing  small shoes  besides living through something inside  anything yeah  super duper nice,cheap jordans for sale, you have I guess your  palm beach top by type by upper you have  your joint 11 I mean I’m sure your jump  man stitched on the back right here your  green pull tab you have your bottom  right here your gum and your pink and I  guess your turquoise and what is my you  just might be kind of considered a  turquoise but or what’s that green it’s  another green but yeah and then you have  all your pink more like a cool inside  and then you have your white laces and  you have your shoe tree and then on the  inside it’s the same as it is on outside  the chute so like this same pattern is  on the outside chute and this material  feels like a canvas in the sense but  yeah it’s kind of like a it’s not really  duck this is white for sure but like  this is kind of like a oh no it’s like a  different type of white but it’s like a  canvas material  I just all cameras so if it gets wet  it’s gonna show but another thing I  didn’t know this this is like deep  digging .

so who’s here right there Mel tongue  right there well yeah I mean it really  sucks fixing the issue because like hey  I really wanted those ear mates today  okay let me see the knife store gun I’ll  call the Knights I say hey you guys have  the air bags I said no those shoes are  only gonna be a sneakers release I said  we gotta get in the store they said we  might later later downline but we’re not  sure so I’m like okay so basically I’m  not gonna get my shoe because of this  mistake  you know I mean it is what it is I’m not  really to hurt about it,cheap jordans, but I really  wanted that shoot because it was a nice  shoot but least I get my money back and  they’re better searing my money back too  but that would be another issue but yeah  I should have asked him for like I’m  thirty percent on four hundred  I was like that’s just because like that  kinda messed up my day I really was  gonna throw out that good video for you  guys own feet everything I already had  already and all my pants ready put all  her feet and my shorts it was just all  messed up but yeah this was 11 I would  have maybe done like a quick little  shrunk on fee right here and then took a  Mac but no Simas awesome so me behind is  and take it back right now but yeah just  up close ma petite so yeah so I guess if  you were really in that South Beach type  if you like that vibe honest need you  like this yeah but I just didn’t wasn’t  a big fan of that you know me but yeah  somewhat it’s more like good I don’t  know it’s just no I couldn’t I can’t  wear this shoe so yeah but that’s about  it for this video I do have a lot more  videos coming maybe I will find a pair  so that’s about it hope you guys enjoyed  this video  see your King the life iTIP kicks

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