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hi welcome back okay now continuing with the holy Dayton been shopping up some parts love parts you got boxes new motorcycle past okay no drag bike starting this last weekend fit the drag bars absolutely loving that exactly that is exactly the stance that I wanted I’ve given a little test ride and it rides absolutely superb Lee just for me all at low arms and I want that on a lean into it be a little bit hunched and a little bit leant forward certainly on longer distance rights so what I’ve done now keep those I’m going to stick with that for a minute and deal with the other stuff to keep up the look to enhance that look so no drag white stone would be complete without the Kings bearing and I think that’s the right thing leaving we need a bikini fair and harley-davidson did make this they used to make these you could buy them from Harley at the usual sort of hundred pounds price tag but these now are coming in daft money that was eBay seventeen quid it seemed an easy are now it’s so cheap I just took a punt on it to get one of them so they look like and there it is that or what it look like it’s the standard we’ve seen loads of these tell me you’ve seen them all over the current crop of weenie bikes certainly in the u.s. we see guys now getting Harley Sportster diners William and doing stunts it’s a Corin things cat.

it’s happening it’s growing it’s big right now quite like it and these are all over those bikes often with tall Rises and straight bars don’t like that it’s not for me I prefer the low-rises and that’s great and that’s why I love my nose awesome that definitely completes the top half come in the back and I’ll show you on it the most important thing is obviously that it all looks right and hangs together what don’t want is something looking cheap and for me these clocks cut me said Mickey Mouse ears yet it does dead straight flat drag bars and the clocks looks a bit Mickey Mouse so when you put that in check that out that is the way that Cubby’s round those is absolutely perfect you can see it’s designed for it this is an original quite a copy of the original Harley fairing and it’s nice and flat and flush the way it sits there,yamaha r6 fairings, that’s it’s actually up against the headlight we’ve got a rubber gasket round inside there and it literally presses against the front there sits there so how does it connect on was it so simple there’s a bracket that comes with it it’s on one of these bits you buy and just plug it in you got two bolts there that hold this cap on this headlight holding cap and they just bolt those two bolts holes .

there just bolt straight on to their extremely easy underneath this cap there’s a thread under their big fat thread that holds the headlight itself you take the cap off and in the kit there’s a adjustable bulb that you screw in there it gives a double a male-female threading one with a rubber Bush on it that screws through the top there so the whole thing is going adjustable so it sits at the exact height and that gives you a nice plate to screw that on that would be firmly fixed so going to do that in a minute again no belly pan before no support it I know they keep very oops no bikini fairing is complete with that belly pan okay the belly pan fits we will know this one down below I made one of these some years ago here we are fits in at least now this was about 35 pounds 25 25 here we are that fits underneath and again you get a little packet of brackets and fasteners and screws that just fit it off ever so ever so easy now with these Chinese part ,yamaha r1 fairings,these are tiny spot that’s you can see by that shiny stuff there but that is a gel coated finish which is no way that you would put that on the bike it’s too glossy but it’s it’s faulty this it’s a glossy finish but there are blemishes in it everywhere and I hate polished gel coat it’s a nasty finish it needs to be painted so that’s going to be painted that’s going to be painted it is injection molded on the insides about three mil three and a half mil thick it’s a good solid piece both of them are very happy with those for the job they are fine and the metalwork needs a little bit of work here this got horrible sharp edge there you can kind of feel that’s awful I’ve got to finesse all that out of way because you know that alone your skin at some point and this is that black paint you get on car body panel when you buy in the pattern panels and that stuff’s rubbish it just flakes off and it rusts through in no time so that’s got me painted and finished up too so they’ll get body work to do on it and one chosen for the job is my favorite good old sound left tough paint this is the stuff you use for brackets and crash bars and roll bars and tow bars and bits of metal work and any bit fabrication you do on a car or truck or motorcycle it’s fantastic stuff it’s soft.

it’s got a different formulation to get to bodywork paint it doesn’t go rock-hard like to pack because eats and those come from it’s a fairing it’s it’s that way blasting into the wind all the time with grip and road salt hitting it so effectively it needs something that certainly absorbent so this is perfect it’s a source stuff you spray around the front of bumpers and that sort of thing and that’s what I’m going to use this was five pounds of can all six they’re in a pack for 30 quid that’s great now unfortunately because of the weather we’ve had so we cranked can’t paint anything at the moment anybody who does painting will know that if you paint in humid wet down conditions you get bloom especially on black and blue mists like a white milky ghosting effect in the paint and it’s permanent can’t get rid of it can’t polish it out even if you could you don’t wanna polish that because it’s satin you want it to space a ting that you’ll be this finish like the bars I want this lovely smooth slightly shiny setting finished just like the bars and that’s the great thing with that is if you want it a little bit more shiny than it is you just buffed it up and it comes up a bit more it’s great stuff but that horrible scratchy matte finish is no good and that gel will that law obviously never do so go all the kit this is about basically a test fit today getting it bolted on the bike so you can see what it looks like in situ but I’m not going to leave it on I’m not gonna call it finished I’ve got other things I want to do I also want to paint side panels we’re going to deal with the mirrors as well going to do some underslung mirrors ,yamaha r3 fairings,but not these they look too big to be underslung hanging down there look daft but big old pair of dangers they’re gonna be so definitely I’ll leave you to work that one out what I love is the little one and a half inch chopper mirrors.

they look fantastic just down there just enough to show what’s behind under here on and I’ve used those before but I’m going here I’m going to do one thing at a time I’m just doing the screen the burly pair bikinis the bikini fairing first so it test fit today once that’s done there’s nothing more I can do we can have a little ride softening away it stops raining ever stops raining later old it’ll be K so pull it will off bus down all the shine off it and then stop painting it so the next one off of this will be a paint video that I’m going to paint video for ages so there we are just getting stuck in the bike and just briefly said it looks like yeah we ooh Oh the go me you see as we Rickie’s yeah you as we do peace be the way what do you see you yeah you it all fits a little bit of finessing needed on the bracket it’s slightly too folded up needs bending back out a little bit that’s the sort of thing you drive fitted for if you’re going to do anything going to fit any piece of bodywork that you intend to paint like I said they’re always drive fit first make sure everything fits drill all the holes ,cheap motorcycle fairings,do a file and finishing and scraping you need to do before you lay the paint on it’s quite obvious really isn’t it mm-hmm okay there we go all right so that fits looking good now so let’s get the paint out get it busted down get the shine off it get keyed up and get the paint laid off find a penny plan once again yes there is something about Chinese parts Chinese past us man they are harmless to the human body Liz it wasn’t mere eight from very high see ya there you like Chinese translation see you next time member you see what you need

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