Jul 2018 21

what’s going on everybody how’s everybody doing today hope everyone’s having a fantastic day today’s uh the weather’s a little shitty it just rained dude just poured rain a few minutes ago but you know well it’s Florida does that and that hurricane just passed through not there here tour on the East Coast but the West Coast and they’ll  hammered if anyone’s over there comment below let me know if you guys are okay but guys let’s go ahead and get into this I ordered some new stuff for the Grom new stuff meaning I decided I was gonna go white plastics so I ordered some cheap China ones we’re gonna go ahead and open those up see how good they actually look and also I threw a number plate on the front if you guys remember in my last video where I crashed a grommet everything the whole front,cbr 500r fairings, I was smashed up so I went ahead and ordered a number plate I ordered some LED bars the number plate came in I already threw that on so I’ll show you guys what that looks like and we’ll go ahead and get to unboxing this shits take it out and see what it looks like alright everybody so that is the new number plate that I got it’s actually off of CR 450 the only thing .

that I had to do is cut it down right here along the sides so it actually fit past these plastics otherwise it was just running into that but you know that’s not too bad and then I’m gonna make some cutouts for the LED bars when they come in I don’t know if I’m gonna run them you know downwards or if I’m gonna run straight across once they show up we’ll go ahead and figure that out but I think it looks pretty cool so far my garage is an absolute mess right now Connor decided to buy a new bike the other day got himself a little f4 I pretty decent little stunt bike so that’s Connors new old toy but he uh he’s gonna pick it up get it the hell out of my garage so I have more room alright let’s go ahead and start opening these things guys description to the content guys look at that thing Markham is ODM – I doubt that they’re OEM is a big come from Thailand but you know whatever nice packaging that’s let’s see if it’s a white plastic right there paint oh my god it’s the actual white pearl I don’t know if you guys can see that in the video but it’s actually the pearl it looked like it was just a regular like flat white almost in the pictures but that is beautiful Wow these could very well be OEM,cbr 1000rr fairings, I am impressed upon the stamped and everything on the inside buried all the way down inside fast-forward the Steelers start to come out to paint and askew is out here we’ve hit all know where mosquitoes oh that looks so nice look at that beautiful close the garage guys I’m getting destroyed by these mosquitoes I’m closing it up they’re always coming out everywhere oh I’m so excited this is awesome this is like Christmas guys this is straight-up like Christmas oh wait so beautiful.

I am excited to put these on I’m going through this cuz I almost missed one of these Oh got you I almost miss one of the plastics that was in bed another mosquitoes God all over me they tear me apart my face ridiculous that is ridiculous and after we hung box on this guy’s I’m also gonna do a video on how to take your plastics on and put your new ones on because I know a lot of people have asked that question before and we have done it a few times so I’m not going to do it so I’ll go ahead and give you guys a walk through god that paint is just beautiful alright so excited about these now on to the bubble wrap again I thought that we lit a little opening but it wasn’t they pulled a knee this one out that is beautiful now I’m not going to using these like I said exciting the number plate,2006 gsxr 600 fairings, so those are not staying mentally or forever – I’m not using one but we can still admire how good they look I know that you guys when you order and primarily to run number plates I’m just special because I yeah little man we’ve been doing awesome awesome awesome awesome it comes with the grommets and everything guys this stuff is beautiful absolutely beautiful .

you show you this up close I don’t know if you can yes you can see it God just so good I am so excited to put these on oh let’s get some is trash otherwise you see all of it there we go guys so that is the whole kit that I bought for 180 bucks or 170 bucks sorry looks fantastic so far I’m impressed I’m gonna go ahead and do a video on how to put them on so you guys can see that and we’ll see how it looks on the bike,cheap motorcycle fairings, I am so stoked all right guys let’s get into doing that I’m going to end this video and I’m going to start another video to do the install so guys go ahead and check for the other video I’m gonna put a link in the description down below make sure you guys like and subscribe to the channel it helps me so much I love you thank you so much I can’t believe that I’ve already got so many fans it blows my mind thank you guys alright go ahead and click on the other video to watch the install alright peace

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